Our Clients are our partners

Sunshine State Tea Company Inc.

Sunshine State Tea is based in Boca Raton, Florida. Sunshine State Tea’s main product line is tasty infused hemp extract tea that has been tested to reveal zero percent THC. There are 8 varieties of tea; 4 caffeinated blends and 4 herbal decaffeinated ones. Each 8 tea bundle box has a diverse selection of loose tea flavors. Sunshine State production is manufactured in Washington State. The tea is certified and tested at a third party approved lab facility to authenticate and analyze the milligrams of hemp extract in the individual bags.


Hempfy focuses on innovative foods and beverages, based on proprietary cold infusion technology for harvesting and processing THC-free, terpenes rich cannabis plants, compliant with Swiss legislation.

All our products are 100% Swiss made: we grow Hemp, produce and develop our products exclusively in Switzerland from bottom to top.

Our production is based on bespoke quality, starting from selecting the best seeds, clearest spring water till final production by the very “Swiss way of doing things.”

Plant Life’s philosophical approach to preventative not curative plant health will provide for a better immune defense system against biotic and abiotic pathogens and other external environmental stresses a plant can encounter during the various developmental growth stages, allowing for optimal nutrient uptake during all phases of plant growth.

With the confluence of two 3rd generation family fertilizer titans having an aggregate of 160+ years of combined experience in the fertilizer industry, Plant Life offers the professional grower an extensive level of nutrient expertise. The collaborative resources and breadth of practical knowledge has afforded Plant Life the ability to formulate an unparalleled nutrient line specifically designed to meet the sophisticated needs of the Hemp farmer; undeniably creating a new market benchmark for which all to be measured.

We have assembled a powerful team with diverse backgrounds to help us scale and create a global production and distribution company. The Biominerales Pharma team is positioning the company to be a meaningful player in the farming of Hemp Biomass, production of CBD Oil and CBD Isolate and consumer products manufactured under our brand, USA Hempire Farms.

We currently have hemp grow operations located in Colorado and Colombia, where Colombia features in-door and outdoor operations. Our ability to grow in both N. America in season and S. America all year long makes Biominerales Pharma a reliable supply chain partner for CBD oils and Isolates.

In addition to our growing operations we are building extraction lab facilities in Colorado and Colombia, all operations will be fully functional in 2020. All our facilities will meet the standards of CGMP.

Our consumer brand is marketed under USA Hempire Farms. The product line went through rigorous development and testing to assure we would deliver an effective and reliable product to our consumers. Each formula was developed by Pharmacists and is mixed and packaged in a CGMP lab in Miami, Florida.

Entheotech’s initial focus will be the treatment of anxiety &  depression using microdoses of psilocybin in a Health Canada approved clinical trail targeted for @H 2021. Entheotech will also be launching a direct-to-consumer line of functional mushroom products using  unique genetics, formulations and manufacturing methods to increase bioavailability and efficacy.

Global Wellness Strategies has signed a binding letter of intent with Entheotech for an option to acquire up to 19.9%  of the company. Once a definitive agreement is signed then detailed terms will be disclosed.