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Shanti Therapeutics

Pharmaceutical grade psychedelic solutions to solve unmet medical needs in the field of chronic pain.

Shanti is planning to conduct a single center, phase II, randomised, singledose, crossover study to determine the preliminary efficacy of Paracetamol and MDMA individually and in combination in healthy participants. The study will be conducted jointly with the Swinburne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

Business Model

Immediate Term

Clinic Revenue – Doctor consulting

Medium Term

Special Access Scheme prescriptions for psychedelic drugs

Long Term

Registration of a novel MDMA fixed-dose combination drug


KaleidoMyco is the story of people, process and production. Together world recognized mycologists and formulists, proprietary science driven IP and formulations, high bioavailability organic compounds, multiple delivery methods plus world-class extraction technologies make KaleidoMyco a leader in the mycology space.

The production facility in Washington State already CBD licensed, will bring to market pressed pills, effervescents, muscle cream, anti-aging moisturizers, bath bombs and soaps as their first rollout to the consumer-markets globally. The team is already evaluating psilocybin and THC myco-dosing infused consumer packaged products initiatives with clinics in approved jurisdictions internationally. On January 13, 2021 Global Wellness Strategies Inc. announced that it had partnered with Clarion Holdings of Eugene, Oregon to open one of the first psilocybin consulting incubators in the area. KaleidoMyco will align itself directly with Clarion in Oregon and facilitate submission of a psilocybin license when available. KaleidoMyco will begin working with Canadian cannabis licensed producers and choose one LP to rollout a full medicinal-mushroom infused CBD product line into Canadian provincial government approved stores. European partners are already in discussions to begin marketing the CBD infused products in countries where approved.


Functional Fizz

A proprietary blend of functional mushrooms and hemp extract delivered as a delicious effervescent added to water or your favorite drink.

One Shot

A power packed shot of a proprietary blend of functional mushrooms and hemp extract 

Sunshine State Tea Company Inc.

Sunshine State Tea is based in Boca Raton, Florida. Sunshine State Tea’s main product line is tasty infused hemp extract tea that has been tested to reveal zero percent THC. There are 8 varieties of tea; 4 caffeinated blends and 4 herbal decaffeinated ones. Each 8 tea bundle box has a diverse selection of loose tea flavors. Sunshine State production is manufactured in Washington State. The tea is certified and tested at a third party approved lab facility to authenticate and analyze the milligrams of hemp extract in the individual bags.

We have assembled a powerful team with diverse backgrounds to help us scale and create a global production and distribution company. The Biominerales Pharma team is positioning the company to be a meaningful player in the farming of Hemp Biomass, production of CBD Oil and CBD Isolate and consumer products manufactured under our brand, USA Hempire Farms.

We currently have hemp grow operations located in Colorado and Colombia, where Colombia features in-door and outdoor operations. Our ability to grow in both N. America in season and S. America all year long makes Biominerales Pharma a reliable supply chain partner for CBD oils and Isolates.

In addition to our growing operations we are building extraction lab facilities in Colorado and Colombia, all operations will be fully functional in 2020. All our facilities will meet the standards of CGMP.

Our consumer brand is marketed under USA Hempire Farms. The product line went through rigorous development and testing to assure we would deliver an effective and reliable product to our consumers. Each formula was developed by Pharmacists and is mixed and packaged in a CGMP lab in Miami, Florida.



February 10, 2022

GWS Signs MDMA Supply Agreement with PharmAla Biotech​

The Shanti Therapeutics Focus on Chronic Pain Market with Psychedelics