Global Wellness Introduces KaleidoMyco’s Trifecta Powder-In-Capsule

Combining Functional Mushrooms, Hemp Extract, and Vitamin C

Vancouver, British Columbia, March 31, 2021– Global Wellness Strategies Inc. (formerly Redfund Capital Corp.)(CSE: LOAN) (Frankfurt:O3X4) (OTC QB: PNNRF) (“Global” or the “Company”) introduces KaleidoMyco’s new wellness trifecta powder-in-capsule; combining functional mushrooms, hemp extract and vitamin C.

“Bioavailability is critical to the overall impact of supplements entering the bloodstream and having positive affects throughout the body,” said Leah Kincaid, founder and CEO of KaleidoMyco.

KaleidoMyco’s trifecta powdered capsule is a revolutionary wellness product that uses micro-dosing technology. The capsules have higher bioavailability and the extracted powders are powerful in serving up a concentrated form of nutrients and beneficial compounds. This is perfect for anyone who is looking to take an exact amount of each supplement in just one vegan capsule. Capsules are easily incorporated into any type of diet, even keto, paleo, or vegan. The KaleidoMyco powdered capsule consists of functional mushroom powders, which are becoming known as a super-food. The polysaccharides and beta glucans in mushrooms are first and foremost some of the best tools for supporting a healthy immune system. KaleidoMyco will have numerous SKUs for organic and tested blends because each type of mushroom provides special properties, and the capsules will be infused with USA based hemp extract and vitamin C. This formulation creates a super myco powder-in–capsule (PIC) with impressive health benefits.

“It is exciting for Global Wellness to work with a team who is formulating new revolutionary formulae each day to boost our immune system in tough times during the pandemic. KaleidoMyco consider functional mushrooms as a different kind of miracle mushroom powder that has been found to protect against diseases, provide antioxidant support, improve cognitive functioning and even fight some anxiety symptoms. Combining functional mushrooms, hemp extract with vitamin C will put this trifecta PIC in almost every store nationwide in the USA and have the ability to sell to every jurisdiction where hemp extract is approved. Together with KaleidoMyco, we are looking forward in building a tremendous value for our shareholders.” said Meris Kott, CEO, Global Wellness Strategies Inc.

About KaleidoMyco

KaleidoMyco is the world’s first company combining hemp extract, adaptogens and myco based ingredients to produce world-class, data-driven, science-based wellness products. It is dedicated to driving ground-breaking innovations in the production and delivery of myco derived formulations. KaleidoMyco has a team of experts who are actively working to lay the foundation in the psilocybin space as more developments in regulation become available.

About Global Wellness Strategies

Global Wellness Strategies is a prospect generator that provides high growth companies with financial, operational, and management assistance in the fast-growing market for wellness consumer products. The focus of the Company is on global wellness, hemp and CBD, healthcare-related target companies.

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