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The Interplay of Funding Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges can be difficult to navigate.

Everyone needs a helping hand. We’ve been to the top of the mountain. Let us guide and support you all the way to the top.

Global Wellness Partnership

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Sunshine State Tea

US-based Sunshine State Tea Company Inc. manufactures infused hemp extract tea that has been tested to reveal zero percent THC plus new Vitamin D tea. Each multi-pack tea bundle box has a diverse selection of flavors with 10mg hemp extract for each tea bag.                                         

Montana CBD

Montana Wellness

Montana is the UK’s first optimum wellness CBD oil company. We formulate premium CBD oils for people who want to buy entirely trustworthy products, based on the highest quality scientific research from around the world.


CannaForum BV has submitted an application for a cannabis cultivation license to the Dutch government in a new experiment program for the legal cultivation of cannabis in The Netherlands. Redfund has been retained as an advisor and will have a right of first refusal to provide financing.

Working together to build a better world

Empowering our community through unprecedented VISION, PASSION, and EXECUTION

Countries continue to pass legislation and change the regulations for recreational and medical cannabis, CBD and hemp products.

Consumer packaged goods, cannabis brands, and prescribed medications are more readily available to the consumer through doctors, clinics, pharmacies, dispensaries and online….. however the funding opportunities change with the regulatory challenges.

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Working together we will develop a comprehensive strategy that includes corporate finance, brand development, and management consulting.



Assistance to build the right team, implement dynamic strategies, and quickly move to accelerated revenue generation.



After setting you on the right path for success, our team will work on the next stage of your corporate journey to ensure long-term success and increased stakeholder value.

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