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Announcement of Acquisition of KaleidoUSA Myco-Dosing Innovator

KaleidoMyco is one of the world’s first companies combining hemp extract, adaptogens and myco based ingredients to produce world-class, data-driven, science-based wellness products. It is dedicated to driving ground-breaking innovations in the production and delivery of myco derived formulations.

On April 7, 2021 GWS announced it had signed the acquisition of KaleidoMyco. The purchase price is in restricted common shares in three installments over an eight month period representing seventy percent  of the KaleidoMyco membership interest. GWS will pay CDN$1,000,000.00 in restricted common shares for the remaining 30% of the membership interest in installments over year 2.

The first KaleidoMyco product is combining 50 milligrams of hemp extract with functional mushrooms to launch a new one-shot wellness beverage utilizing its proprietary extraction techniques. KaleidoMyco will launch a blend of functional mushrooms in three likeable flavors including, lemon lime, orange citrus and grape. 

The second product is the first-ever dissolvable hemp extract infused myco tablets to enter the effervescent category. The tablets dissolve quickly in a glass of water, adding effervescence and flavor, and are an excellent way to supplement a healthy diet with an array of complementary and synergistic ingredients. This new IP formula creates an on-the-go option for myco hemp-derived consumer products that promote optimal wellness. 

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Sunshine State Tea

US-based Sunshine State Tea Company Inc. manufactures infused hemp extract tea that has been tested to reveal zero percent THC plus new Vitamin D tea. Each multi-pack tea bundle box has a diverse selection of flavors with 10mg hemp extract for each tea bag.
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KaleidoUSA is the story of people, process and production. Together world recognized mycologists and formulists, proprietary science driven IP and formulations, high bioavailability organic compounds, multiple delivery methods plus world-class extraction technologies make KaleidoUSA a leader in the mycology space.
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Wellness is a choice of a lifestyle and we hope to help balance your mind, body and spirit.

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