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Global Wellness Strategies is a prospect generator that provides high growth companies with financial, operational, and management assistance in the fast-growing market for wellness consumer products.



Global Wellness is a Canadian prospect generator organized into 2 main areas: Beverage & Food and Beauty & Personal Care. We work at research and development facilities and co-pack manufacturing in Washington State, USA.

We have 2 USA owned brands, Sunshine State Tea and KaleidoMyco: Both are focused on producing infused hemp–extract (CBD) and functional-medicinal mushrooms (Myco) products; Both have developed a portfolio of science-backed, data-driven proprietary wellness products utilizing a combination of unique, proven, and effective ingredients. 

With the talent, skills and resources we have at Global Wellness, we are well positioned to become a leading nutraceutical company centered on health and well-being.

As hemp-extract and psilocybin is legalized in more jurisdictions where we already have strong strategic relationships, we can then easily extend our existing product range, which will already have established routes to market and brand recognition.

Our shareholders and customers are extremely important to us and we look forward to meeting the milestones we have outlined to them.

KaleidoMYCO Myco-Dosing InnovatoR

empowering wellness worldwide

Optimal Well-Being For Our Planet’s Citizens

featured clients

Sunshine State Tea

Organic Grown Tea
Infused with Hemp Extract

Sunshine State Tea

US-based Sunshine State Tea Company Inc. manufactures infused hemp extract tea that has been tested to reveal zero percent THC plus new Vitamin D tea. Each multi-pack tea bundle box has a diverse selection of flavors with 10mg hemp extract for each tea bag.
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KaleidoMyco is the story of people, process and production. Together world recognized mycologists and formulists, proprietary science driven IP and formulations, high bioavailability organic compounds, multiple delivery methods plus world-class extraction technologies make KaleidoMyco a leader in the mycology space.
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Wellness for All

Wellness is a choice of a lifestyle and we hope to help balance your mind, body and spirit.
Experienced team

Over 100 years of experience in business, consulting, capital markets, corporate finance, and healthcare services.

Advisory Services

We help accelerate business plans and achieve revenues; driving significant growth to investors as well as our shareholders.

Relationship Building

We partner with first mover, high growth companies, and provide them with access to capital, resources, and infrastructure.

brand development

We take an active role to build brand recognition from inception through execution.

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Wellness is a choice of a lifestyle and we hope to help balance your mind, body and spirit.

Please send us a message and learn more about how we are empowering companies and people globally.